Wine List

Our wine program features producers from around the world who are committed to the craft of wine making, with a special emphasis on terroir and the importance of vintage.  Our list of selections “From the Cellar” features wines primarily from France and California that display their true potential after years spent maturing in bottle, while our “From the Vine” section features youthful wines that are meant for drinking in the moment.

We also welcome the opportunity to create a wine pairing to serve alongside the menu. The wine pairing is priced at $145 per person, inclusive of service.

If you would like to discuss a wine selection or pairing in advance or have a particular wine from the cellar stood up in anticipation of your arrival, please contact our Sommelier Chase DuBay at

Due to the special nature of the experience at Métier, we are unable to offer guests the opportunity to enjoy wines from their own cellars.  

From the Vine Selections

From the Cellar Selections

Sample Wine Pairing



We have designed a spirits program that we hope will complement your dining experience at Métier, whether with a selection of Apéritifs, custom cocktails or Digestifs.

Cocktails & Spirits List